Monday 20 July 2009

Blood Donation Camp

It's Monday. The weekend has passed. The Sunday night is gone. And what story I have to tell you is about an attack! The whole night I was just fighting. Trying not to be a victim. Trying not to be eaten as lunch, breakfast and dinner as well! But couldn't save myself. They were many! I was alone. They were well equipped. I had a weapon whose power I believed a lot!

They were so powerful that when I got myself up from the bed, instead of just lying there as ‘come. enjoy’ type; there were all blood stains on my bed sheet!

First I took is as ‘oh! Great! I killed so many of them’.

But doesn’t it mean some other creatures died and shed my blood!!

I see myself like a huge full-fleshed chicken on a plate!!

What if they have inserted their parasites in my blood? I am scared. Had that horrific Malaria thrice in a year’s time two years back! My dear daughter had warned me last time! “Mama, if you get this malaria of your’s again, I will disown you for sure!!”

See! How scary this malaria is for me!!

And the agony is I work on the brand GoodKnight as a creative director and the GoodKnight liquidator was the only weapon I had last night!

I see the death of my faith in my work!

Friday 17 July 2009

Teaching Tree

I see a tree, Ashoka, through my window. That day it was shaking vigorously from top to bottom.
I knew for sure that there was storm outside! I saw another tall tree, standing firmly on the ground!
Was the storm not hitting this tree?
Nature taught me again!
It all depends on you! Weather changes.
Storms hit!
But it's you who decides!
Is it a storm or just a strong wind?
It touches you, you shudder and it passes!
So now when I feel shattered, I just check whether the calamity is worth getting shattered or I am just feeble?
 I don't know whether am thinking or am sinking!